i I'm Rhianna and these are my themes & tutorials. I make these with heart and effort, so please take good care of them. Don't remove credit b/c that is considered a crime. Thanks and I hope you find what you want!
how to install

1. Choose a theme, open the code, and copy all the content. Go to customize on your blog and open 'edit html'.
2. Delete all the content in the 'edit html' section, paste the new code in, and press 'save'.
3. Enjoy your new theme!

terms of use

1. You must keep the credit on your themes at ALL times. It must be visible/noticeable.
2. If you do remove credit, you must place it in your FAQ/refer your followers to it.
3. You may NOT remove credit and claim the theme as yours. Editing a theme, light or heavy, doesn't make it yours.
4. You CAN edit my themes for personal use.
5. You CAN'T use my themes as a base code for your public themes w/o my permission.
6. You CAN'T use parts of my coding for your public theme.
7. You CAN'T redistribute themes as yours.

keep the credit

themesbyrhi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Therefore, stealing is illegal and a crime. Minor offenses may result in the loss of your tumblr account.

updates & stats

best viewed in chrome | theme 59 posted on 4/5
probably won't be releasing themes as quickly due to school starting.thanks for the 450+ followers!! :)
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Anonymous: Oops! Sorry liked the post now. (This is for the Ceaseless Motion theme) xx

You’re on anon as well :P

- love, rhianna

Anonymous: Omg I'm so sorry! I completely forgot to like it! I liked the post for the Turbulance theme now :) Sorry about that!

You’re on anon so..

- love, rhianna

Anonymous: hey i think your scrollbar only works in mozilla firefox

i use google chrome and it’s fine. same goes for many other people

- love, rhianna


I won’t be having as much access to a computer for the next two weeks so please be extremely patient when it comes to code distributions (do not message me more than once)!

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Thank You!

I’m over 3/4 of the way to 1k followers on this theme blog alone. You guys have no idea how much this means to me :) Thank you for all your support!

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a theme by rhi

Hey there! I made this theme especially for all of you guys! It is 100% by me and I took lots of time to make it, so please take good care of it. Have fun adding your flair but please keep credit. I hope you love it as much as I do!

preview and code
56 theme users
"Turbulence" theme by teentide! :) *my light luxury blog’s theme and one of my favorites*
this theme comes with:
3 columns
two vertical sidebar photos
horizontal sidebar
storybook open effect for links on hover
5 links
color and border change on link hover
customizable link titles
auto-conforming length description (as long as you want)
chat bubble style description
one medium length blogtitle
short to medium length quote
line detailing
revamped permas
posts outline background
new ask layout (i’m proud of it)
new permalink layout
preview || message me for the code (include the name of the theme and you must have liked this post)
message me if you have any problems! (that aren’t answered already)
if you’d like to be one of my theme associates, message me :)

Anonymous: wow you make it really hard for someone to use a theme. like seriously.

wow you make it really hard to keep anon open on here. like seriously.

the other hundred or so people using my themes have no issue with it. if you have a problem, talk to me about it off anon or just don’t even bother going on my theme page. how is it “really hard” to just like a simple post and message me? like seriouslyyy

- love, rhianna

faultinmydreams: hi! I super love your themes. you are very creative and beautiful too. more power! <3

thank you!

- love, rhianna

Dear people who continually message me for a code over and over again within a matter of two or three days:

Patience is a virtue, my dear friends. I’m currently dealing with 5 hours of summer school and 2.5 hours of practice everyday, so I’m unable to get on desktop except for on Saturdays or maybe Fridays. So please bear with me and do not message me more than once because it simply clogs up my ask and makes it more difficult to get back to everyone. Thanks!

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Anonymous: i have windows8 and it works perfectly fine

That’s good to hear thank goodness lol

- love, rhianna