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What's going on: Hello there! ThemesbyRhi will be taken down temporarily due to a rumor that blogs are being suspended due to theme making. I'm not gone forever (don't worry), but I am taking precautions to prevent this. Please don't unfollow b/c I'm so close to 1k for my theme blog and I'll be back very soon! I hope you'll all still use my themes when I return.
If you want: For those of you following me, I may or may not (likely not but we'll see) still release themes, they just won't be seen on this page, so you'll have to look on your dash. It's better than nothing though! So, if you'd still like to find my themes (easy if you're active), just follow this blog.

I love you: Thank you all for supporting me and I hope this blows over soon so that I can return to theme making!